Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Left Main & Coronary Bifurcation Summit (CBS) was founded in 2007 as a think tank dedicated to the treatment of left main and coronary bifurcation lesions. For CBS 2011 on November 25-27 in Nanjing, China, the meeting scale is still thought to be kept in a reasonable range, although audience was around 700 in last year.

CBS aims to improve patients¡¯ care by freshly fundamental researches, clinical trials, consortium or guidelines published yearly, emerged ideas and dedicated case-based discussion. Considering the very busy schedule, CBS-in-Box will be a brand new as a dedicated subunit in this year¡¯s CBS.

With your outstanding contribution to the interventional cardiology, it is my honour to invite you to join CBS 2011. Younger generation has been testing your techniques, ideas and recommendation in every day practice. Surely, most patients would benefit from all of your experiences. We look forward to your participation in this educational and exciting event.
Shao-Liang Chen
Professor Run-Lin Gao
Course Director
Professor Yves Louvard
Course Director
Professor Shao-Liang Chen
Executive Director

LM & Coronary Bifurcation Summit (CBS2011)
Conference Venue£ºInternational Conference Hotel, Zhong Shan Ling, Nanjing, China
Organizing Committee: Tel:(86-25)51662002 Cell:(86)13951748232 Fax:(86-25)52208048 Email: cbsabc@163.com cbsnanjing@yahoo.com