• Great news|EuroPCR 2020 releases DEFINITION Ⅱ research

    The DEFINITION II study is a prospective, international multi-center, randomized controlled trial initiated by Professor Chen Shaoliang. A total of 49 centers participated. The main purpose of the trial was to compare the eefficacy of the dual stent surgery and provisional surgery in patients with ...
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  • The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Nanjing First Hospital, under the leadership of the subject leader Professor Chen Shaoliang, has sharpened its sword for ten years and forged ahead; in April 2020, it was listed as the

    The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Nanjing First Hospital was established in 1958. After decades of hard work by several generations of cardiovascular experts, it has developed into a unity of medicine, teaching and research, with a complete echelon of talents, strong technical force and medica...
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  • “Fight the Pandemic Together-CSC is In the Action”——CSC&Malaysia

    On March 26th, the team led by the Fellow Yaling Han of the Northern Theater General Hospital of the Chinese Medical Association Cardiovascular Branch (CSC), President Shaoliang Chen from Nanjing First Hospital, and Doctor Junjie Zhang and other team members, together with Professor ...
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  • “Fight the Pandemic Together-CSC is In the Action”——CSC&Pakistan

    On April 19, under the leadership of President Shaoliang Chen, the Chinese Society of Cardiovascular Diseases (CSC) and the Pakistan Interventional Cardiology Society (PSIC) connected in the cloud and successfully held a seminar on “combat with the Covid-19”. At the meeting, Professor Shaoli...
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  • Pulmonary Artery Denervation-The Chinese Original Technology

    On May 3rd, on the eve of the World Pulmonary Hypertension Day, Professor Shaoliang Chen organized an online lecture by well-known domestic experts and practitioners in the field of the Chinese original technology-pulmonary artery denervation. Pulmonary artery denervation (PADN), proposed by Profe...
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  • Structural Cardiovascular Disease Symposium

    On June 20th, the Department of Cardiology, Nanjing First Hospital and Nanjing Hospital Affiliated of Nanjing Medical University successfully held a collaborative work conference with the theme of "Structural Heart Disease". Junjie Zhang, the executive deputy director of the Department of Cardi...
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