The 12th Left Main & Coronary Bifurcation Summit, CBS 2020 On-Air will be held during October to December, 2020. CBS aims to improve patients’health with the latest fundamental researches, clinical trials, yearly published guidelines, new ideas, live demonstration and dedicated case-based discussion.
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    Stenting Techniques for Bifurcation Lesions -- SCAI at CBS 2020 On-Air Special Live Session

    Moderator : Ramesh Babu Daggubati, Shao-Liang Chen

    Discussant : George D. Dangas, Janarthanan Sathananthan, Annapoorna Kini, Lianglong Chen, Junjie Zhang

    20:30-20:32 Introduction Ramesh Babu Daggubati

    20:32-20:47 Provisional Stenting with Drug-coated Balloon Janarthanan Sathananthan

    20:47-21:02 Step-by-step Description of Provisional Stenting George D. Dangas

    21:02-21:17 Step-by-step Description of DK-Crush Stenting Annapoorna Kini

    21:17-21:32 DK-Mini-Culotte Stenting Lianglong Chen

    21:32-21:47 How to Define the Complexity of Bifurcation Lesions Junjie Zhang

    21:47-22:02 Panel Discussion

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    Mechanical Circulatory Support in PCI

    Moderator : S. Tanveer Rab, Shao-Liang Chen

    Discussant : Giora Weisz, Alfredo E. Rodriguez, Ziad A. Ali, Fei Ye

    08:30-08:32 Introduction S. Tanveer Rab

    08:32-08:47 The Timing of Institution of Mechanical Circulatory Support Device in Shock Patients for High-Risk PCI Tien-Ping Tsao

    08:47-09:02 Mechanical Support for Complex, High-risk Bifurcation PCI: When and How? Vladimir Džavík

    09:02-09:17 Impella Success and Regret with the LMCA Bifurcation Duane Pinto

    09:17-09:32 Imaging-guided Atherectomy for Calcified Lesions with Mechanical Circulatory Support Michael Kang-Yin Lee

    09:32-09:47 Rotational Atherectomy under ECMO support Ji-Hung Wang

    09:47-10:10 Panel Discussion

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    DCB & Dedicated Bifurcation Stent for Bifurcation Lesion

    Moderator : Gerald S. Werner, Yaron Almagor, Shao-Liang Chen

    Discussant : Miroslaw Ferenc, Sohail Q Khan, Giuseppe Ferrante, Chotnoparatpat Paiboon

    15:00-15:02 Introduction Gerald S. Werner

    15:02-15:17 The Role of DCB in the PCI of de novo Non-Small Vessels Tiong Kiam Ong

    15:17-15:32 DCB in Coronary Bifurcation PCI: Where are We? Debabrata Dash

    15:32-15:47 DCB in Distal LM Interventions : Do We have Enough Data ? Imad Sheiban

    15:47-16:02 Dedicated Bifurcation BiOSS Stent vs Regular Drug Eluting Stents: Six Years Follow-up Results Based on POLBOS 1 and 2 Randomized Studies Robert Julian Gil

    16:02-16:17 Limitations of Dedicated Bifurcation Stents Sundeep Mishra

    16:17-16:40 Panel Discussion Contact us by

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