The 12th Left Main & Coronary Bifurcation Summit, CBS 2020 On-Air will be held during October to December, 2020. CBS aims to improve patients’health with the latest fundamental researches, clinical trials, yearly published guidelines, new ideas, live demonstration and dedicated case-based discussion.
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  • 2020-10-20
    Left Main Bifurcation Stenting-- SCAI at CBS 2020 On-Air Special Live Session

    Moderator : Ehtisham Mahmud, Shao-Liang Chen

    Discussant : S. Tanveer Rab, Goran Stankovic, Morton Kern

    20:30-20:32 Introduction Shao-Liang Chen

    20:32-20:47 Left Main PCI vs. CABG: Two Different Procedures Ehtisham Mahmud

    20:47-21:02 Current Status of Left Main Revascularization S. Tanveer Rab

    21:02-21:17 DK-Crush Stenting for Left Main Bifurcation Lesions Shao-Liang Chen

    21:17-21:32 Provisional Stenting for Left Main Bifurcation Lesions Goran Stankovic

    21:32-21:47 Physiological Assessments in Left main Bifurcation Stenting Morton Kern

    21:47-22:02 Panel Discussion

  • 2020-10-23
    Complexity of Bifurcation and Techniques Selection

    Moderator : Shao-Liang Chen, Angela Hoye

    Discussant : Sasko Kedev, Dobrin Vassilev, Ji-Hung Wang, Muhammad Munawar

    15:00-15:02 Introduction Shao-Liang Chen

    15:02-15:17 Provisional Stenting Remains the Reference Technique! Goran Stankovic

    15:17-15:32 Comparison of Prognostic Value of FFR vs iFR in Left Main Disease Robert Julian Gil

    15:32-15:47 Simple and Complex Bifurcation Lesion : A Longlasting Debate around an Crucial Issue for Strategy Selection Imad Sheiban

    15:47-16:02 Distal LM Bifurcation Lesion: DK-Crush is Preferred In this Case Afzalur Rahman

    16:02-16:20 Panel Discussion

  • 2020-10-23
    LM Revascularization Strategies and Clinical Outcome

    Moderator : Ehtisham Mahmud, Shao-Liang Chen, Bo Xu

    Discussant : Alaide Chieffo, Alfredo E. Rodriguez, Alan Ching Yuen Yeung, Ramesh Babu Daggubati, Theodore A. Bass

    20:30-20:32 Introduction Ehtisham Mahmud

    20:32-20:47 Left Main vs Non-Left Main Bifurcations: What Anatomical Differences You Need to Know Ricardo Costa

    20:47-21:02 Left Main PCI vs. CABG: Two Different Procedures Gregg Whitney Stone

    21:02-21:17 Current Status of Left Main Revascularization S. Tanveer Rab

    21:17-21:32 Choice of Strategy and Technique for Left Main True Bifurcation PCI Vladimir Dzavik

    21:32-21:50 Panel Discussion Contact us by

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