The 12th Left Main & Coronary Bifurcation Summit, CBS 2020 On-Air will be held during October to December, 2020. CBS aims to improve patients’health with the latest fundamental researches, clinical trials, yearly published guidelines, new ideas, live demonstration and dedicated case-based discussion.
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  • 2020-11-20
    Clinical Trial Design and Academic Writing

    Moderator : Shao-Liang Chen, S. Tanveer Rab

    Discussant : Alan Fong, Feng Cao, Xin Du, Yi Li, Chun Liang

    08:30-08:32 Introduction Shao-Liang Chen

    08:32-08:47 Clinical Trial Design and Data Interpretation Roberto Patarca

    08:47-09:02 How to Write a Perfect Discussion Alan Fong

    09:02-09:17 How to Write a Good Manuscript Roberto Patarca

    09:17-09:32 Choosing a Cardiovascular Journal and Responding to Reviews Thach Nguyen

    09:32-10:00 Panel Discussion

  • 2020-11-20
    Challenging Cases from Masters -- II

    Moderator : Imad Sheiban, Shao-Liang Chen

    Discussant : Vladimir Dzavik, Hazem Khorshid, Arramraju Sreenivas Kumar, ChiungJen Wu, Mohamed Hassan Nab

    20:30-20:32 Introduction Imad Sheiban

    20:32-20:42 Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) CPR (ECPR) in a Patient with Cardiac Arrest and Ventricular Fibrillation Massoud A. Leesar

    20:42-20:50 Panel Discussion

    20:50-21:00 Cardiogenic Shock in a COVID 19 Patient S. Tanveer Rab

    21:00-21:08 Panel Discussion

    21:08-21:18 Two-stent Strategy TAP-techique for Unprotected Distal Left Main and LAD-diagonal Bifurcation Percutaneous Coronary Intervention with IABP Support in a Patient with Acute Myocardial Infarction Giuseppe Ferrante

    21:18-21:26 Panel Discussion

    21:26-21:36 Bifurcation Stenting during Primary PCI Sohail Q Khan

    21:36-21:44 Panel Discussion

    21:44-21:54 Double DK-crush for complex left main - LAD - diagonal PCI Pierfrancesco Agostoni

    21:54-22:02 Panel Discussion

    22:02-22:12 Cases where IVUS Imaging Made a Difference Sundeep Mishra

    22:12-22:20 Panel Discussion Contact us by

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