The 12th Left Main & Coronary Bifurcation Summit, CBS 2020 On-Air will be held during October to December, 2020. CBS aims to improve patients’health with the latest fundamental researches, clinical trials, yearly published guidelines, new ideas, live demonstration and dedicated case-based discussion.
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    Progress in the Clinical Application of Intravascular Imaging in PCI

    Moderator : Shao-Liang Chen, Bin Liu

    Discussant : Xin Zhao, Yong He, Hui Chen, Qinhua Jin, Fei Ye

    09:00-09:02 Introduction Shao-Liang Chen

    09:02-09:17 Use of Invasive Imaging in the Setting of Primary PCI Kongto Hau

    09:17-09:32 Application of IVUS in PCI for CHIP patients Ning Guo

    09:32-09:47 Assessment of coronary calcification by intravascular imaging: OCT or IVUS? Jian Liu

    09:47-10:02 Application of IVUS in CTO PCI Jie Qian

    10:02-10:17 Intravascular imaging optimize PCI from EAPCI expert consensus Jingbo Hou

    10:17-10:40 Panel Discussion

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    Tips and Tricks of Bifurcation Stenting

    Moderator : Shao-Liang Chen, Marie-Claude Morice

    Discussant : Yean Leng Lim, Alaide Chieffo, Robert Julian Gil

    15:00-15:02 Introduction Shao-Liang Chen

    15:02-15:17 How Many Different Technical Approaches Do We Need to Manage Coronary Bifurcation Lesions in daily routine? Miroslaw Ferenc

    15:17-15:32 How to Perform and Optimize Culotte Stenting in 2020 Imad Sheiban

    15:32-15:47 Left Main Trifurcation, Make it Simple Ahmed Magdy KamalEldin

    15:47-16:02 Tips & Tricks and How to Manage LM Complication Fazila Malik

    16:02-16:17 How to Prevent Complications with Bifurcation Stenting Sundeep Mishra

    16:17-16:40 Panel Discussion

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    Moderator : Jian Zhang, Zuoying Hu

    Discussant : Liqun Ren, Binni Cai

    08:30-08:35 Shao-Liang Chen

    08:35-08:40 Jian Zhang

    08:40-09:00 Yuhui Zhang

    09:00-09:20 Hong Kong

    09:20-09:40 Meixiang Xiang

    09:40-10:00 Yihong Sun


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    Moderator : Jianzeng Dong, Hang Zhang

    Discussant : Hongmei Guo, Junxia Zhang

    10:25-10:30 Jianzeng Dong

    10:30-10:50 Junjie Zhang

    10:50-11:10 Ling Bai

    11:10-11:30 Hang Zhang

    11:30-11:50 Dingli Xu

    11:50-12:05 Contact us by

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